Conference reporting

Conference Reporting

Reporting live from a conference near you

Whether a major international conference with hundreds of delegates, a focused industry seminar, an intimate workshop or a sector-specific meeting, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums are ideal places to share deep insights and knowledge. But what happens to that knowledge after the conference speakers have left the podium and workshop delegates have gone home? If you’re a conference organiser, how do you maximise the value of the event after the doors are closed, If you’re a conference sponsor or investor, how do you assess whether your money has been invested wisely? And if you’re a conference delegate, how can you refer back to the conference content in future?

Our conference reporting service is the solution. Our conference reporting service is the ideal way to create a record of the conference proceedings. We write daily conference summaries and more detailed post-conference reports that can be used after the event.

Our dedicated conference reporting service delivers several important benefits, including:

  • Capturing valuable knowledge, thoughts, opinions and insights from conference speakers and delegates that would otherwise disappear once the conference has ended
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability for conference funders, seminar sponsors and meeting hosts
  • Providing a valuable resource for future conference research, meeting agenda planning and workshop programmes
  • Providing a record of what was said at the conference, seminar, workshop or meeting that can be used for publicity purposes
  • Raising the profile of all the presenters at the event, demonstrating their knowledge and highlighting what they stand for
  • Providing a dynamic report-back that can be used each day of the conference, workshop, seminar or meeting.

Our conference reporting services include:

  • Capturing daily content delivered by speakers at multi-day conferences, morning or afternoon workshops, or single day seminars
  • Daily conference, workshop, seminar or meeting reports and updates
  • Post-conference, meeting, seminar or workshop reports
  • Pre-conference social media content
  • Live-tweeting and social media updates during the event
  • Preparing website content before the conference, and updating content during and after the conference, meeting, workshop or seminar
  • Writing media releases, event reports and opinion pieces before, during and after the conference
  • Photography during the conference
  • Presentation design for conference speakers.

If necessary, we have a network of designers, web developers, videographers and event planners who can help you to stage a brilliant event that lives on long after the last day.

Contact us today to extend the life of your conference, meeting, seminar or workshop content long after the doors have closed.