Why us?

Why work with Top Copy Communications?

We use words and images to reveal the authentic human stories that reflect the hopes, fears, challenges, achievements of every project and organisation we work with. We look beyond the clichéd poses. We write from the heart. And we’re genuinely interested and excited by the endless potential that your work has to build a better world.

Young girl standing in a doorway in an abandoned house in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

We’re inspired by the Magnum masters who have perfected the art of documentary photography.

We’ve spent years telling the stories of corporate CSR programmes, NGOs and social impact organisations through with compelling copy and intriguing photography.

We have sound knowledge of reporting governance.

Our fresh approach combines substance with accessibility without compromise.

We believe in the innate humanity of people. We want to share the real stories of those who are doing incredible work to build their communities. We are inspired by the compassion of others.

We know how to connect images with the written word stories.

We are:

Experienced | Curious | Interested and interesting | Well-travelled and well-read | Community-minded | Professional | Relationship-builders | Driven by a deep desire to contribute to building a better world

How we work:

We build trust with our clients and partners

We have empathy and emotional intelligence

We are perceptive to the world around us

We are sensitive to the needs of others

We always try to be kind

We always seek the humanity in others

We believe in the possibilities for a better world

We're copywriters and photographers and we'd be delighted to work with you. Get in touch today to request samples of the work we've done before.